Thank goodness video did NOT kill the radio star! In fact, I’ve found so many more things to do with my music now that creating great video is within the reach of us regular Joes. Here’s a little sample of my ongoing projects

Happy Hour With Andy

I started this show in 2015 as a way to stay in touch with my friends and fans across the country. It still amazes me when people tune into the live broadcast from Alaska and Maine at the same moment!

Marfa Minutes artwork

Marfa Minutes

This is a brand new show on The Marfa Channel. It’s like a video magazine featuring interviews with the people that make this little art town so unique.

Still from Tuned Up music video

Music Videos

I love to tell stories! Music videos are a great chance to tell another story, or another side of my music. I filmed this video to “Tuned Up” in Nashville, TN.

Andy performing with Box 10

Concert Videos

I also love shooting live concert videos. There is nothing like that energy from a live show. Here is a live show from 2018. I’m playing bass with Box 10. This was shot at a big casino venue on the Mississippi River. So cool.