Chilled-Out DJ Beats + Live Instruments with Tex-Mex Flavor


I love all kinds of music. Recently, I started performing as Sotol (my DJ name). I love what great electronic music can do to elevate the flavor and energy of a room or event. Now, I’ve found a way to merge produced tracks with live instruments. Sotol music is chilled out beats (like a DJ would play) with all kinds of Americana instruments played live. Check out some of the sounds in the videos below and then join me when I’m playing in your town. Or, throw a party and I’ll come to you!

Sotol Poster


Sotol music elevates any event. Relax with instrumental, original music and custom-built “Marfa-minimal” light installation that brings a relaxed, but invigorated atmosphere. 

Perfect for: Weddings

Cocktail parties

Air B’n’B special events

Corporate events

All major credit cards accepted through Square.

DJ and Producer

When I started my study of recording, we were still splicing 1/4″ magnetic tape by hand. Yikes! Things are a bit easier today, and the new possibilities for music creating are endless.


Banjos are great for a lot more than bluegrass. Ever hear a banjo through a wah-wah pedal? So good!

Lap Steel

This guitar is pretty special to me. I built it about a year and a half ago and now I can’t stop playing it. Lap steels were really popular in the 1920s and I think they should be again. There’s almost nothing this little guy can’t do.


An audience favorite. Nothing like a GIANT Mexican bass guitar to get the room moving. Holla!