So Many New Books!

OK, my latest book authoring flurry may have actually bordered on mania. Five (yes, 5!) new books are up on Amazon today. OK, that may sound impressive, but only two of them have words inside. Let me explain:~}

I’ve just released 3 books of blank manuscript paper and 2 instructional books. The instructional books are for beginning and intermediate guitarists. They are Beginners Guitar Jumpstart and  Guitar Fretboard Mastery . Beginners Guitar Jumpstart is a step-by-step approach to learning chords, rhythms and basic music concepts. In just a few days, students can begin strumming songs while developing musical knowledge.

Guitar Fretboard Mastery is a simple method to memorize the fretboard. Most guitarists struggle to find notes and chords around the neck. This book breaks down this otherwise overwhelming task into small, bite-sized pieces. Taking a zone approach makes a tough job much simpler. 

And for your organizational pleasure, I’ve issued three books of blank manuscript paper. The first is simply titled,  Just Blank Staff Paper . It is just that: blank staff paper. Over 100 pages of clean single-spaced 8 1/2″ x 11″ manuscript paper. It’s a great way to keep your work neat and organized.

The next book is for pianists, titled  Just Double Staff Paper . Again, over 100 pages of double-staff paper, great for two-voice parts.

And finally, my grandest staff paper creation:  Just Epic Staff Paper . Over 500 pages of single-spaced staff paper. It’s an epic value and a huge amount of paper for your huge ideas! More staff paper should be epic, don’t you think?

I’m currently shopping the movie rights to  Just Epic Staff Paper . Let me know who you’d like to see in the lead role! 😉

All these books are currently available on Amazon and should be available from your local bookseller around Dec 15, 2019. Read about all my books here and don’t forget to leave a review to help out your fellow musicians looking for good books.

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