“Record” is a great word. More than “album”, “CD” or “MP3”, it is always an accurate description. When I look back, these things are truly records of our work together as musicians. I’m a lucky guy to have been part of them.

Loud Baby – Box 10

2018 Alamito – So fun. I played bass on this record and it’s my favorite for the overall band vibe. I’ve been playing with Box 10 since 1998 and the band just keeps getting better.

Epic Fail

2016 Alamito – My solo record, made in Nashville. When I moved to Nashville in 2013, I said to my buddy, “I want to make an electronic, beats and loops hybrid-Country record.” My buddy gave me a bit of a blank stare. It had never been done before.

The Marfa Channel

I’m also responsible for just about all the music on The Marfa Channel. Shows like Hope Lafferty’s Existential Crisis and Marfa Minutes use a variety of organic and electronic music to set the tone. So fun to make!

Fine Box – Box 10

This was recorded at Catamount Recording in Cedar Falls, Iowa in 1989 and was only offered on cassette tape. It was the first real studio recording any of us had made and man, we were scared! All that gear, talk about intimidating. I remember it like it was yesterday.