Learning Good and Bad Guitar Habits

What do you think is better: Learning good habits or learning bad ones? Of course, you want to learn good habits. But, how do you distinguish one from another? So many guitar “teachers” are really just selling bad habits. They promise learning shortcuts, but are selling tickets to a dead-end street. Many students get tricked into this way of learning, believing there are ‘hacks’ to music knowledge. Hack knowledge leads to hack habits and ultimately, hack music that no one needs. So student, how DO you distinguish real knowledge from junk?

Good knowledge will lead you to more good knowledge. Sounds Zen, doesn’t it? All of music is technique and knowledge built upon other knowledge. Like a skyscraper, you have to build the bottom of the building first. Fundamentals of good guitar playing are made of the knowledge of how notes, scales and chords all fit together. They always DO fit together and it’s not hard to learn how.

Bad knowledge looks like learning a video game. Jump from here to there. Shoot at that thing, then swing on a rope over the ditch.. well, you get it. Many “teachers” want to sell you the result (put your fingers here, here and here), instead of teaching you WHY your fingers need to go places and then how to get ANY result you want.

Come to think of it, bad teaching is like showing the student how to play a video game. Good teaching is like teaching the student how to BUILD a video game. Wow, that’s good. Gotta keep that.

So, if you feel like you’ve only been shown WHERE to put your fingers but still don’t know WHY, don’t feel bad. Now that you know, you’ll never be the victim of bad teachers again. Here’s an example of teaching both the “how” and the “why” of music. Have a look at this simple example from my book “Beginners Guitar Jumpstart“. Then, sign up for my FREE weekly guitar learning tips, “Guitar Sparks from Seeing Music”.


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