My First Instructional Book

I’ve been teaching students for decades. It’s one of my favorite things, really. Knowledge is the key to everything I enjoy, and I love passing on those keys to others so they can practice, create and enjoy music as much as I do.

In my experience teaching guitar students, I needed to go deep into my own brain to answer the question, “How do I do it? How do I speak the language of music? How do I organize these years of learning into the business of playing music?” So I began, breaking down all my knowledge into tiny pieces and arranging them in an order that builds knowledge. Each idea builds on previous knowledge.

The result is my first book, “Seeing Music on the Guitar” and I’m really proud of it. It’s a book for beginners or intermediate students who are looking for answers to the “How” and “Why’s” questions they’ve been having. How to memorize the whole fretboard. Why do certain notes sound good with a G chord and others don’t? How does improvising work?

The answers are incredibly simple. In fact, so simple that when they see the links between scales, chords and songs, they often can’t believe it. When they learn how little information there is to memorize, they wonder why they’ve been memorizing random chord, lick or solo lines for years.

The key is: Guitarists build chords, scales and solos visually. Yep, as clearly as you can already see a triangle (can you see one right now, in your mind’s eye?), guitarists see chord shapes, scales, even chord progressions on their fretboards. This is a unique gift string players have been given, simplifying the learning process greatly. Yet until now, I know of no book that teaches it. It often takes players years to assimilate this knowledge and begin putting it to use.

“Seeing Music on the Guitar” is on sale now at Amazon in paperback and for Kindle. It is also available at your local bookstore. If you’ve read it, leave a comment on this post and let others know how it changed how you see music.

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