I Wrote a Book, Actually 2 Books!

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve written a music instruction book! Actually, I wrote two and their both available worldwide. My books were inspired by my work with guitar students as I reflected on how I personally learned guitar. Principally self-taught, I pieced together knowledge of music theory and guitar from many instruction books, magazines and conversations with more experienced musicians.

As I grew in musical knowledge, I realized I was using visual constructs as much as anything to organize my playing. It was like I was seeing the notes on the fretboard in my head. This easy business of arranging visual shapes and then moving those shapes made it possible for me to become fluent in the language of music very quickly. While I knew all the rules of music theory, I was bypassing them in the fast lane. We do the same with language all the time. Without thinking, “Use a noun, then adverb, then verb..” we form sentences. In a way, I was speaking music!

Many interviews with great guitarists led me to the realization I was not alone. They all used the same system: Seeing the music on the fretboard! I began to wonder why no one ever teaches this method. Why must all guitarists come to the same method in roundabout ways, piecing together libraries of facts and scales and theory? Musicians owe it to each other to share their knowledge, so I decided to do something about it!

My first book is “Seeing Music on the Guitar”. It seeks to put you right inside the heads of great guitarists. You will get the keys to a world of knowledge and the power to truly understand and create all kinds of music. By starting with the basic elements of music, you will learn to build chords and songs with minimal memorization. Throw away that chord encyclopedia! It’s a thing of the past. By understanding the simple relationship between scales and chords, you’ll be able to build any chord in the musical universe right on the spot. You can become fluent in the language of music!

My second book is “Guitar for Actors” and it’s inspired by my recent work with a theatre group. Now, I’ve done a tiny bit of acting, but wouldn’t describe myself as an actor. But, I do understand the needs of actors to build their skillset and deliver convincing performances. One of those skills that often is needed is basic guitar playing. So, Guitar for Actors seeks to give actors the skills they need to become proficient on the guitar very quickly. As one actress said to me, “I don’t need to become an expert guitar player. I just need to be believable.” Yes! This book will get you there without the clutter. It even includes a style guide which breaks guitar playing down by genre. Since there are many visual cues that inform audiences as to the style of music being performed, it’s great to have a list of do’s and dont’s.

Both books are available now on Amazon and soon will be in brick and mortar stores, too. Check out the book previews and let me know your thoughts and what you’d like to see in upcoming books! https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/author/ref=mw_dp_a_ap?_encoding=UTF8&author=Andy%20Schneider&searchAlias=books&asin=B07VFY6NRJ

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