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I started teaching decades ago and noticed my students came with some knowledge: a few chords; they knew a couple of songs. But, very few understood how music goes together. They’d been forced to memorize unrelated tidbits – like music trivia – without understanding how the whole thing WORKS.

More important than just getting your chops together is really understanding how chords, notes, scales and songs are related. Master that, and you can play anything you want.

And, IT’S EASY! Seriously, when it’s all broken down for you, I think you’ll be amazed how simple music is.

The County Brothers, Andy and Scott Dorman

How I Coach

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I help guitarists who have some knowledge of their instrument but are seeking answers. They want to master this business of making music.

I like to assess your proficiency and listen to your needs. Every student is different and I seek to make you the musician you’ve always wanted to be.

Beginners through professionals, everyone has questions about this complex guitar stuff. Honestly, chords, music styles, guitars, pickups, amps, effects…there’s a whole lot to know!

I’ve been a professional musician, music teacher, music producer and engineer for nearly 30 years. I received my B.S in Applied Physics with a minor in Audio Recording Technology before that and I’m all ears. Ready to listen to and answer your questions.