Can you see music?

I’ve noticed that guitarists are often taught that music is a bunch of stuff to remember: chords, scales, notes. They are told that memorizing all this musical trivia is the way to become a musician. They are taught that if they can carry around a mental encyclopedia of music facts and figures, all will be well. Boy, is that NOT the way musicians think!

In fact, great musicians carry around very little in their heads about the specific notes or chords they should play. Instead, musicians have a simple way of organizing the ideas of music so they can play whatever they want, whenever they need. Would you believe we guitarists organize our music visually? It’s just like recognizing a triangle versus a square. We “see” music. Why doesn’t somebody teach people how musicians think?

That’s what I want to do for you. I LOVE showing musicians how to apply just a few simple ideas to create any chord, or series of chords. To make any music they want. Anytime they want.

I recently wrote a book called “Seeing Music on the Guitar” that breaks down this business of making music into really simple ideas. It’s not about reading music (staff paper, sheet music). In fact, the book has none of that. Instead, it helps guitarists apply the most basic bits of music knowledge toward making their own music. It builds confidence and eliminates the heavy-duty memorization that drives so many people away from making music. And, I give it away with every coaching plan.

If you’d like to really wrap your mind around music, check out my guitar coaching page. I think you’ll be amazed how simple this music stuff can be.

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