One of my greatest joys is sharing my knowledge with those who want to make music. These books were created for all who seek the key to music’s door.

Seeing Music on the Guitar: A Visual Approach to Playing Music

As easily as you can picture a triangle or square, guitarists see chord shapes, scales, even chord progressions on their fretboards. Unique to string players, this  simplifies the learning process greatly. 

A book for beginners or intermediate students who are looking for answers to the “How” and “Why’s” questions they’ve been having. How to memorize the whole fretboard. Why do certain notes sound good with a G chord and others don’t? How does improvising work?

On sale now at Amazon and at your local bookseller.

Guitar for Actors

An accelerated method specifically for actors with an emphasis on the functional basics. As one actor put it, “I don’t need to become a master guitaristst, I just need to look like I know what I’m doing.” Includes a style guide by genre to help you make your next performance convincing.

Now on sale at Amazon and your local bookseller.