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Guitar players: Do you have my new book? It’s a guidebook for all of you teaching yourself guitar. With so much free advice on the internet available to learners, there needs to be a way to tell the good info from the bad. The good stuff sets you up for long-term success; the bad stuff does not. So, I’m giving away my eBook, “9 Things You Must Know Before Teaching Yourself Guitar”. It let’s you know how to avoid learning trouble while setting a plan for success. Get it here.

If you’re coming to Fringe Marfa, the brand-new indie theatre festival in Marfa, Texas, look for Sotol (that’s me) at the Friday, January 10, 2020 after-party. I’ll be setting the vibe with my DJ-Americana sets. Tickets on sale here.

And, thanks to everyone who has bought my first book, “Seeing Music on the Guitar“. It’s #5 on the Amazon Kindle Store Music Theory chart. So cool! I’m just glad y’all are enjoying the books and I can’t wait to hear the music you’ll make with them in the future.


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